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Today, technologies allow us to shoot HD footage with a small crew and light materials.
The DSRL (digital reflex cameras) has been a revolution in broadcasting professionals. Today, we use the Sony FS700, the obvious evolution of the DSLR. Like them, it can find the shallow depth of field of the film (the blur in the background) while having the resolution of the 4K (The image is 4x larger than the Full HD).
This new technology allows us to blend the image, making it worthy of the greatest Hollywood films.
The DSLR give us also new direction as photography. A passion that allow us to offer a wider choice of services. 

La nouveauté

Yokan - Your Every Day And Night

-> Concert & Video clips - 2014

Director of photography

Official video clip of Yokan

Directed by Fredéric Chane-son


L'actualité du moment


First film footages for a 90' documentary

1 Jun 2014

A Senegal muscien portrait

Produce by Troubadour films


First film footages for a 90' documentary